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One-on-One Consulting

Collaborate with us - the MHC Investor Experience

The Management Platform - developed by us, used by us, offered to you. Each component was created in response to a "real-world" obstacle as owner/operators. Increase NOI - reduce headaches. It just works. To schedule a call click here​.


Telephone & Email support - For Life!

Automate your On-Site Management

100% Resident compliance on community policies

Raise rent above market while cutting cost by 25%

Get control - 100% monthly resident payment


Free Consult

  • Fill out form - click here
  • ​Initial phone consultation
  • ​If we're a fit - we move forward





  • Indentify needs & set goals
  • ​Come up with a game plan
  • ​Together we implement
  • Quick & Noticable
  • ​No headaches
  • ​Fun & Rewarding
"In just 4 months we have reduced accounts receivable by over $300,000."
          -​ Justin Z  
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