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Investor Match

Raise Capital

Super-charge your ability to raise capital for communities & park-owned-homes! Most community owners are struggling to find funding - however there are many willing investors waiting for the right opportunity. We give you powerful tools, training, and the presentation materials to find your future investors. Schedule a call - click here.



Learn what investors look for

Find them - for communities & park owned himes

Present them with what they want to see

Seal the deal - we'll show you how

How it works

  • Put you on the fast track to find investors & raise capital - we'll be with you every step of the way
  • Learn 6 great sectors of prospects for your capital needs
  • ​Understand what investors look for when investing - we give you the "inside information"
  • We help you package information disclosing the investment opportunity, cost & return on investment (ROI) using propriety materials
  • Put financial documents in your hands to close a loan + a bill of sale if an investor purchases a home in their name



Free Consult

  • Fill out form - click here
  • ​Initial phone consultation
  • ​If we're a fit - we move forward





  • Indentify needs & set goals
  • ​Come up with a game plan
  • ​Together we implement
  • Quick & Noticable
  • ​No headaches
  • ​Fun & Rewarding
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