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with the trusted leader in all things MHC

        Management Platform

Automate  with "The Complete On-Site Manager" & increase NOI with the # 1

out-of-the-box turn-key solution


        MHC Investor Academy

New or experienced - all are welcome!

Practical knowledge, tools and solutions to get you going fast - and keep going strong


       Investor Match

Super-charge your ability to raise capital

for communities and park-owned-homes!

No learning-curve, strong results



Fill vacant sites - Now! Gain access to

those elusive "Lender-Repos" & discount

mobile homes


        One-on-One Consulting

Collaborating with you to provide need specific solutions, seeing you through 

start to finish - it's our passion


        Buy a Community

Simplify your next acquisition! We keep

investing fun & easy - the way it should be.

Find out how


       Opinion of Value

Thorough & realistic - we'll give you a practical view of a community, whether

it be your own or a prospective investment


         Sell Your MHC

At the Highest price - Quickly! We have 

the knowledge & the ability to make this a reality



Secure your investment & relax! We're experienced and awesome at what we do - find out why


Take advantage of our expert consulting services backed by years of experience


is the trusted leader in all things MHC. Our products and solutions were thought out and developed over the years for ​our own personal use as owners/operators. They are still implemented by us today - and at the request of the industry we have offered them to you.

We stand by our products and services confidently knowing you will benefit from them as much as we have ourselves. Our clients range from up-and-comers to small community owners to large operators to institutions such as Bank of America. MHC Investor helps you find/buy, manage, and sell your MHC Investments. Who ever you are, whatever your circumstance, you stand to benefit - we look forward to collaborating with you.                  

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